The main objective of RedINTECAT2 is to guarantee the sustainability of the network that participated in the consortium that carried out one of the most representative Spanish scientific projects, the INTECAT project, and to build on the success of the previous Consolider network, RedINTECAT, by extending the dissemination of knowledge and the participation on events and conferences organized by the network to a greater number of researchers.

RedINTECAT2 will focus on facilitating networking opportunities, collaboration opportunities and knowledge dissemination forums for, not only the main researchers of the research team, but also for the members of their research groups.

The specific objectives of RedINTECAT2 will be:

1.            To disseminate the results on catalysis of the different institutions and share best practices by bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium with different approaches towards catalysis (homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, photocatalysis, redox catalysis, computational chemistry).
2.            To increase the number of collaborations between groups and find synergies to increase the number of publications of the network and participate in national and European collaborative projects guaranteeing the continuation of the collaborations.
3.            To disseminate the results of the network, increase its visibility and public awareness on catalysis and research through the webpage and social media.

Funding this network will enable the strengthening of the INTECAT community and the spreading of its knowledge and achievements to other young researchers to guarantee the sustainability and growth of this catalysis network.

RedIntecat is funded by the Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigación Científica y Técnica de Excelencia. Acciones de Dinaminación “Redes de Excelencia” (CTQ2016-81923-REDC/AEI) funded by the AEI/Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.


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